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What is Physical Therapy? 

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an education and exercise program for people suffering from chronic lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at MultiCare Therapy Center combined education, exercises for endurance, strength and lung training, functional activities, and emotional support. The goal of our program is to increase and restore a patient's lung function, or restore it to the highest possible level for the patient while addressing the patient's emotional and dietary needs as indicated

Our program consists of a Medical director (physician), licensed respiratory physical therapists and rehabilitation therapists including, licensed physical therapists, licensed occupational therapists, licensed clinical social workers and registered dietitians. The multidisciplinary staff work together, communicating with the patient's referring physician, to evaluate the patient's overall physical and emotional state, and to develop an individualized plan that best fits each patient. 

What is pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Are you a candidate for physical therapy, nutritional counseling or pulmonary rehabilitation?

What is Nutrition Counseling?

At MultiCare Therapy Center Nutrition Counseling is an outpatient service designed to provide education and counseling by our Registered Dietitians, who have nutrition expertise in a wide range of areas. The dietitians will provide the latest information and counseling in the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses and other conditions. They will counsel about healthy eating, preventive nutrition, lifestyle choices, and medical nutrition therapy (dietary intervention to help with specific illnesses). Nutrition Counseling will help a client to meet his or her individual nutritional needs. This service is available for all age groups. 

Physical therapy involves the evaluation, education and treatment of patients who are suffering from limited physical function due to surgery, injury, chronic conditions, or disease. The goal of physical therapy is to alleviate the patient's symptoms and help the patient regain the highest degree of function possible. 

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